Submission Checklist

To submit a conversation to Land Talk, collect all of the required content. Submissions include basic information about the place, interviewer and observer, and:

  • A video or audio recording of the conversation with the observer, uploaded to YouTube and set to Public with embedding enabled.
  • Two digital photographs of the place, as high-resolution as possible: one current photo, and one from the past time that the observer discusses. If no historical photograph is available, a historical drawing of the place may be included.
  • A brief summary of the recorded conversation (100 – 1000 characters).
  • Written responses to the following prompts, each 100 – 1000 characters in length:
    • How did the observer describe the way the place used to look?
    • How did the observer describe how the place has changed?
    • What are some of the things the observer used to do here?
    • What are some of the things the observer does here now?

For the complete list of required content, look over the Submit Conversation page. If you’d like, you can print out the Submit Conversation page to use for reference during your conversation. To avoid losing your work if the submit form reloads, we recommend writing your responses in a word processor, then copying and pasting the responses to the submit form.

Recording Tips

Land Talk aims to host high-quality recorded content, and you can help. If you record a conversation on your phone, viewers will be able to hear best if you record it in a very quiet place without wind or background noise. You can also record the audio and the video separately and edit the two together in YouTube or with your favorite video-editing software.

If the observer is not comfortable being filmed, recording just the audio is a great solution. You can record a video of the location your observer is talking about separately, then edit the audio with a photo to offer viewers a visual aid to the spoken content.

You are most likely to hear good stories by asking open-ended questions starting with who, what, when, where, why, and how. Ask follow up questions about things that sound interesting.

Content Standards

Land Talk will host conversations that meet all the following quality and appropriateness standards:

  • The submission contains a complete response for each field in the Submit form.
  • The submission describes observations of changes in a place.
  • The submission is free of promotions for products or organizations.
  • The submission meets PG-13 standards for language and decency.

Any conversations that do not meet Land Talk’s submission standards will be removed. If you come across an inappropriate conversation, click the Report link to flag it for removal. Thanks for your help!

You can submit your conversation on the Submit Conversation page. The Submit Conversation page contains additional tips for filling out the form.