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To find coordinates of a location from Google Maps, zoom in until the place is easily distinguishable, then right-click on the place and select “What’s here?”. Then, copy and paste the latitude and longitude values from the resulting pop-up at the bottom of the screen.

Valid latitudes are between -90.0000 and 90.0000. Coordinates in southern hemisphere are negative!

Valid longitudes are between -180.0000 and 180.0000. Coordinates in western hemisphere are negative!

Each response should be 100 – 1000 characters in length. To avoid losing your work if the submit form reloads, we recommend writing your responses in a word processor, then copying and pasting the responses to the submit form.

How does the observer describe the way the place used to look?

How does the observer describe how the place has changed?

What are some of the things the observer used to do here? What are some of the things the observer does here now? Have their activities changed with changes in the landscape?

If Conversation was created before the "Changes in the Future" field was added and therefore has no content for that field, use this toggle to hide "Changes in the Future" for this Conversation and make possible editing of other fields in this Conversation from WP admin.

How could this place change in the future, and do you, the interviewer, think that is what should happen? You are encouraged to discuss your views with the observer, but the answer should focus on your views.

Use this box to add any additional information such as sources consulted, useful websites for visitors to check out, HTML-formatted content, etc.

Upload two digital photographs of the landscape: one current photo, and one from the historical period that the observer describes in the conversation. If no historical photograph is available, a historical drawing may be uploaded instead. Photos should be as high resolution as possible. Images must be at least 1200px by 800px. For best results, we recommend using a landscape-oriented photo with a 16:9 aspect ratio, if possible.

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